1.0.0 | 15/10/2018

  • Renaming the product into ER/Builder
  • Added: Supporting schemas for PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Added: Connection to PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Database generation for PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Checking and Dropping existing objects (tables, foreign keys, sequences, views, domains, triggers and stored procedures) before generating a PostgreSQL database
  • Added: Reverse engineering for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Drag & Drop tables and relationships from tree view to the diagram
  • Added : Unsigned, Zerofill in columns for MySQL
  • Added: user customizable GUI of the application (multiple themes and icons set)
  • And much more

0.8.9 | 02/09/2018

  • Fixed: Some issues
  • Added: Installer file packed in zip format

0.8.8 | 08/03/2018

  • Fixed: error generated by checking the script preview in the  entity after clear a sequence used in columns (Firebird, Oracle)
  • Fixed: duplicate an entity may create a new entity out of diagram after using zoom out.
  • Fixed: duplicate entity with triggers generated from sequences will not create the script correctly.
  • Fixed: Some others issues with script preview in entity.
  • Added: Undo/Redo (only two levels)

0.8.7 | 06/02/2018

  • Fixed: Unable to choose TIME(data type) (PostgreSQL)
  • Fixed: Unable to drop tables (with foreign keys) in MySQL when connected to the server
  • Fixed: Some others issues
  • Added: Views header and procedures header
  • Added: Checkbox to  drop procedures and views if exists (MySQL)
  • Added: Check existing foreign keys and drop them (MySQL)
  • Added: Option to apply sequence on columns ( creating trigger for Firebird and Oracle , default value for PostgreSQL)

0.8.6 | 28/12/2017

  • Fixed: Unable to generate the script after starting a new project in Oracle and Firebird
  • Fixed: Unable to create the script for domains in MS Sql Server
  • Fixed: Some issues with entity font
  • Fixed: Cannot load column size in old projects
  • Fixed: Unsaved option choices
  • Fixed: Some others issues
  • Added:  Connection for MySQL to generate the script directly

0.8.5 | 30/11/2017

  • Fixed: Duplicate an entity will duplicate the key fields in the primary key
  • Fixed: Unable to add tables after changing the project name
  • Fixed: Editing a column primary key, duplicate the edited column in the keys tab when there a
  • multiple keys
  • Fixed: Empty Index fields, empty key fields if the fields are a foreign keys and the relationship
  • deleted or the primary key deleted
  • Fixed: SQL Syntax styler
  • Fixed: the foreign keys undeleted from the tree-view after deleting the parent table
  • Fixed: ER/Builder crash when moving a relationship and using the right-click at the same time
  • Fixed: some others issues
  • Added:  Able to create the second relationship between two tables | 26.10.2017

  • Fixed: A duplicate columns in keys fields and indexes fields  when there are multiple keys or multiple indexes

0.8.4 | 23.10.2017

  • Fixed: Incorrect order when there are a multiple columns primary key in one table (in script)
  • Fixed: Changing the name and the constraint name in the relationship generate an error
  • Fixed: some others issues
  • Added: many to many relationship
  • Added: check a duplicate constraint name if exist

0.8.3 | 09.10.2017

  • Fixed: Display problem in the preview
  • Fixed: Unable to add a column to an empty table
  • Fixed: Unsaved position of project frame in diagram
  • Added: Reach an entity from treeview  (right mouse click)
  • Added: Reach a relationship from treeview  (right mouse click)

0.8.2 | 26.09.2017

  • Fixed: Error generated by deactivating primary key
  • Fixed: Page number of A4 in diagram
  • Added: Stored procedures
  • Added: Views