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AirLine The Airline Reservation System is one of the representative application of Database Management System which is used for reservations and schedule information. Airlines were among the first to use databases in a geographically distributed manner-terminals situated around the world accessed the central database system through phone lines and other data networks. MS SQL Server 2012 AirLine Airline
Student registration This model describes the registration process of both, graduates and postgraduate students PostgreSQL 9 Student registration Student registration
Car Part Suppliers The car part suppliers project consists on selling the part of differents cars Oracle 10 Car parts suppliers Car Part Suppliers
E-Commerce E-commerce regroups all commercial transactions that operate remotely through an electronic and digital interfaces. It consisits on buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. MySQL 5 E-Commerce E-Commerce
Inventory Inventory represents one of the most important assets of a business because the turnover of inventory represents one of the primary sources of revenue generation and subsequent earnings for the company’s shareholders. MS SQL Server 2012 Inventory Inventory
Medical Clinics Pharmacies Medical Clinics Pharmacies consists on collecting information abot clinics and pharmacies in the whole city. Oracle 11 Medical Clinics Pharmacies Medical Clinics Pharmacies
Pharma Biotechnology Information The project consists on Pharmaceutical biotechnology which is a relatively new and growing field in which the principles of biotechnology are applied to the development of drugs. A majority of therapeutic drugs in the current market are bioformulations, such as antibodies, nucleic acid products and vaccines PostgreSQL 9 Pharma Biotechnology Information Pharma Biotechnology Information
Products Catalog A product catalogue is simply a database of information about all the products that you have ready for launch on your website. The information contained in the catalogue can be sub-divided in a number ways. Firebird 2 Products Catalog Products Catalog

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