Creating a new relationship

ERBuilder Data Modeler always creates relationships by linking the parent table to the child table. To create a new relationship:

1.         Select one of the two available relationship icons:


2.         Click on the parent table symbol in the diagram canvas:

parent table

3.         Hold the mouse click and drag the cursor to the child table:


This is how a simple relationship is displayed:


The result is the added arrow captioned “Reference_1” and the inclusion of the “Parent_ID” attribute in the “Child Table”.

By contrast, a many-to-many relationship is displayed as follows:


The result is the creation of “Reference_1” and “Reference_2” arrows and the inclusion of “Parent_ID” and“Child_ID” attributes in the new “Relation Table (Table2)”.

Available in: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise Editions


As for reflexive relationships, you can create these types of relationships by right-clicking on the table and selecting “Reflexive Relationship” from the menu.

reflexive relation

The result is the appearance of a “Reference_1” reflexive arrow in the diagram and the “Parent_ID_1” attribute creation in the table “Parent Table”.

reflexive relation ex

Available in: Free(Only one relationship per table), Starter, Professional and Enterprise Editions