Forward engineering

With this feature ERBuilder allows you to forward engineer your model to generate DDL SQL scripts to create your database directly.

Model validation

ERBuilder Data Modeler offers the ability to check for potential mistakes and ambiguities in the created model. To validate a project:

1.         Select “Tools | Check Model”:

check model

2.         In the console, errors and warnings are displayed:


3.         Double click on any line in the console to display more details:



Available in: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise Editions


DDL Script generation

Generally, a data modeling project is created to eventually generate the database reflecting the model. For this, ERBuilder Data Modeler provides a feature to generate the “DDL” script for creating the designed database in the selected project’s DBMS. To generate the project Data Definition Language script:

  1. Select “Database | Generate DDL Script”:

generate ddl

  1. Check the “Save to file” checkbox and enter the Directory Path and File Name:

generate ddl window


  1. Click on “Generate DDL Script”:

generate ddl button


Available in: Starter, Professional and Enterprise Editions


Database generation

Note that for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird, directly creating a database is possible.

1.       Select “Generate Database” from the “Database” menu:

generate database

2.                        Select “Connection name”:


3.                        Click on “Connect”

4.                        Choose the connection options, and click on “Generate Database”:


Available in: Starter, Professional and Enterprise Editions