Model documentation

To generate Model Documentation:

1.    Select “Tools | Generate Model Documentation” on the menu bar:


generate model documentation


You can also click on the icon from toolbar:    generate model documentation icon



Available in: Free and Standard Editions


2.    A setting window will appear, containing three tabs:

·        File format: In this tab, you will need to:

-    Select a Directory to save the model documentation

-   You can also select the HTML file format (available only with the Standard Version)

-    You can check Images Diagram to embed the diagram model image into the model documentation. If you check the object stat, you will integrate a section in your report which contains the number of each objects, such as Tables, Columns, Views, Relations, etc.


Sans titre


model documentation window


·        Elements to includes: This part consists of checking the elements of the treeview composed of Tables, Columns, Views, Procedures, Sequences, Domains, Relationships, etc. and their own fields. If you check these elements, the model documentation will include a table with their fields and their values.


elements to include


·        Elements details to include: This part is similar to the Previews part. You just need to check elements of tables and columns with their fields to detail them. The documentation model will contain a table with fields and values for each table and column.


elements details to include


·        You can check all elements of treeview with the checkbox in the top right:               

check all

·        You can uncheck all elements of treeview with the checkbox in the top right:

uncheck all


Available in: Standard Edition