Assign Data Generator settings

ERBuilder provides multiple generators for creating virtual data or generating data directly to populate a connected database.

  1. First, open the “Table” form by double-clicking on the table graphic. In this interface, go to the “Columns” tab. At the top right of this screen, go to the “Data generation” tab.



  1. In this tab, you can assign a data generator for each column. The following generators are available:

        Constant value: Generates a constant value for the selected column.

        Dictionary: Allows you to create different values for the selected column. You can use an existing data dictionary or add a new one. To add a new data dictionary, see the section Add a new data dictionary.

        Random generate: Generates random data between the minimum and maximum value that you specify.

        Random via a mask: Generates random values structured according to a mask.

        Sequence generate: Generates a sequence from the start value to the finish value that you specify. You can also set a step value; otherwise, the step value will be automatically set to 1. Notice that when the data type is DATE, the step value is defined in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. This generator is recommended for all auto-increment or serial data types.

        Set null: Sets all column values to null.


Available in: Professional and Enterprise Editions