SB Replicator for Salesforce

Simple and reliable schema & data replication tool for Salesforce


Replicate to Any Database With a Few Clicks

SB Replicator for Salesforce is a proven replication tool that provides a quick and easy replication and integration of your schema and data between Salesforce organization and most popular databases like SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Firebird, Azure SQL Database, Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS.

How does SB Replicator for Salesforce Work?

Replicate all or a part of your data in 3 steps. Integrates in minutes and delivers consistent, analytics-ready data to your back-office databases .


Set-up a connection to your Salesforce org.


Select the objects to replicate.


Set-up a connection to the destination database and start the replication task.

Why SB Replicator for Salesforce

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