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Notes de version

Cette section présente les notes de version identifiant les changements apportés au produit dans chaque version. Cliquez sur le numéro de la version que vous souhaitez vérifier pour afficher les notes de version.

20 Juin 2023 | AbstraLinx Version 4.1.3
  • Added: A New auto-arrange method that makes it easy to arrange and organize objects in the diagramming area.
  • Added: Salesforce API version 58 support.
  • Fixed: The documentation bug for large models.
22 Mars 2023 | AbstraLinx Version 4.1.0
  • Added: AbstraLinx now supports the ability to generate data model documentation to Confluence and Microsoft Word format.
  • Added: Ability to generate a Salesforce Configuration Workbook in MS Excel format.
  • Added: Salesforce API version 57 support.
  • Fixed: Minor issues
26 décembre 2022 | AbstraLinx Version 4.0.2
  • Added: Salesforce API version 56 support
  • Fixed: Minor issues
18 octobre 2022 | AbstraLinx Version 4.0.1
  • Added: Generate documentation and data dictionaries reports using AbstraLinx command line console
  • Added: Ability to schedule the generation of documentation and data dictionaries
  • Added: Export and import multiple requirements (update existing ones) from a CSV file
  • Added: Ability to link a requirement with other requirements.
  • Added: The objects design got enhanced by adding rounded corner, highlighted fields, new color styles, and others styling changes
  • Added: Adding two new relationships line styles to help you to handle the straight relationship line
  • Added: Ability to draw master-detail relationships on the diagrams
  • Added: Relooking the text box and the group box design with rounded corner
  • Added: Apply the same color style to multiple objects
  • Added: Ability to add a relationships legend to the diagram
  • Added: Salesforce API version 54 and 55 support
  • Improved: General refresh, performance upgrades, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Minor issues
09 mai 2022 | AbstraLinx Version 3.3.25
  • Renaming the product from ERBuilder for Salesforce to AbstaLinx
  • Added: Ability to describe and document Salesforce objects, fields, triggers, Apex classes with custom metadata
  • Added: Incorporate a new license activation method that is more flexible and easy to apply
  • Added: Import the following fields metadata: data sensitivity level, data owner, field usage, compliance categorization, help Text, picklist values
  • Added: Import the following Apex classes/Triggers metadata: namespace prefix, status, API version
  • Added: Import the following Validation rules metadata: Active, Error message, Error location
  • Added: Import the Salesforce objects description
  • Added: For more security the password is no longer stored on the workstation, it will only be requested when AbstraLinx needs access to extract metadata, compare two orgs or update the model from the Salesforce org
  • Added: The token, client id, and secret id are encrypted on the configuration file
  • Improved: General refresh, performance upgrades, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Mouse scrolling in the diagramming area + Undo/Redo
  • Fixed: Minor issues
23 novembre 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 3.1.1
  • Added: Git-based collaborative modeling
  • Added: Metadata versioning in a shared Git repository
  • Added: Compare and merge different versions of the model with the local model
  • Added: Requirements management: Ability to create and assign requirements to objects, fields, validation rules, triggers, apex classes, and relationships
  • Added: Ability to edit Salesforce model after reverse engineering and create new custom objects, fields, and relationships
  • Added: Open the web page of a field, object, apex class, trigger, or validation rule on the browser by clinking on the “Open in browser” link
  • Added: Resize multiple objects on the diagram area
  • Added: Salesforce API version 53 support
  • Improved: Model documentation report
  • Improved: General refresh and performance upgrades
  • Fixed: Minor issues
21 juin 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.2.11
  • Added: The ability to import Salesforce metadata without drawing the ER Diagram
  • Added: The ability to select / deselect apex classes and triggers during import
  • Added: Salesforce API version 52 support
  • Improved: Improved performance while designing large diagrams
  • Improved: General refresh and performance upgrades
  • Fixed: Minor issues
24 mai 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.1.18
  • Fixed: Minor issues
03 mai 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.1.17
  • Added: Simplified authentication method
  • Added: Update model from a Salesforce org
  • Added: Salesforce API version 51 support
  • Added: Hide fields in diagram
  • Added: Export documentation for a specific diagram
  • Improved: HTML documentation
  • Fixed: Minor issues
12 novembre 2020 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.0
  • Added: Data model browser
  • Added: Generate a customizable data dictionary from a Salesforce model (HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, and MS-Excel)
  • Added: Conversion from Salesforce to other target DBMS
  • Added: Support Salesforce API : 49 and 50 version
  • Fixed: Minor issues
13 avril 2020 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 1.0
Main features:
  • Reverse engineer and visualize all Salesforce tables and relationships as an ER Diagram
  • View all details of any salesforce table (Columns, Validation rules, Keys, and Triggers)
  • Explore the Salesforce using the search feature that can be helpful to find any objects
  • Generate an HTML documentation for the Salesforce data model
  • Compare two instances of Salesforce and generate a comparison report

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