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Quick and Easy Salesforce ERDs



Connect your Salesforce org and import your schema directly into AbstraLinx in seconds. Visualize every object and relationship, then start building custom Salesforce ERDs with our intuitive interface.


Create Better Salesforce ERDs

Simple and easy to use

AbstraLinx makes it simple to design Salesforce ERDs with its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

Easy search for related objects

Explore any object including custom objects and see its parents, children, or both then drag and drop to your diagram.

Make Your Salesforce ERD Easier to Understand

Split into multiple-diagrams

Create several small diagrams quickly to accurately explain Salesforce objects and their relationships.

Hide unnecessary details

For simpler ERDs, display only the object details that matter on the diagram.

Highlight fields

Highlight relevant fields in the object form, to make them easier to locate on the diagram.

Export or print Salesforce ERDs

Your Salesforce ERDs can be quickly exported as an image in JPEG or PNG format, so you can easily add them to Word documents, Powerpoint (PPT) presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other documents. Direct printing in high-quality printouts is another option. Give your team access to your ERDs and more information about your Salesforce org via the HTML documentation or data dictionary.


Visualize and build Salesforce ERDs with AbstraLinx

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