Document Salesforce org & stay organized

Documenting Salesforce org with AbstraLinx explains why a specific part of the system was built in the way it was and how it interacts with other parts of the system.

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No matter how you use Salesforce, it helps to have documentation



Extract, document, and manage your Salesforce metadata with AbstraLinx. With a few clicks, build a catalog of your Salesforce elements and describe each of them. Describe objects and fields to provide meaning to your Salesforce org using descriptions and user-defined custom metadata.


Embed ER diagram image into your documentation

Integrate your Salesforce ERDs into your documentation. 

Select only the objects you need

Check and select the elements you want to include in your documentation report.

Build  documentation using simple command lines

Generate documentation from the AbstraLinx command line with simple commands and make this task easier by automating this process by adding the commands to a batch file.

Schedule the generation of your  documentation reports

Schedule the generation of your Salesforce org documentation using the AbstraLinx command line for processing at a later date, daily or even on a recurring day of the week.

Get a beautiful Salesforce org documentation


Create and export your Salesforce org documentation as an intuitive HTML report. Browse through objects and fields, and visualize relationships between objects.


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