Salesforce Data Dictionary for org Compliance

For your organization's compliance, security, and governance, build and maintain a Salesforce data dictionary.

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a Salesforce data dictionary



The AbstraLinx data dictionary provides admins, analysts, and developers access to a list of all available objects and fields metadata in your organization, including customized objects and fields. AbstraLinx can help you understand how fields are created and how they relate to your data.


Improved data management accuracy, organization, and reliability

Use AbstraLinx to create a Salesforce data dictionary that allows you to view all objects in the org and all fields associated with an object for user/administrator understanding and training. 

Publish your Salesforce data dictionary

You can export your documented Salesforce data dictionary in a variety of formats, including HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, SQL, TXT, and MS-EXCEL. Publishing your data dictionary allows you to share customized Salesforce documentation with your team, customers, or decision-makers.

Create and Maintain Salesforce data dictionary with AbstraLinx

Build and maintain a meaningful data dictionary for your Salesforce org. Don’t wait and start your free trial today


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