ERBuilder for Salesforce

Access, explore and understand your Salesforce metadata

May 24 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.1.18
  • Fixed: Minor issues
May 03 2021 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.1.17
  • Added: Simplified authentication method
  • Added: Update model from a Salesforce org
  • Added: Salesforce API version 51 support
  • Added: Hide fields in diagram
  • Added: Export documentation for a specific diagram
  • Improved: HTML documentation
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Nov 12 2020 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 2.0
  • Added: Data model browser
  • Added: Generate a customizable data dictionary from a Salesforce model (HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, and MS-Excel)
  • Added: Conversion from Salesforce to other target DBMS
  • Added: Support Salesforce API : 49 and 50 version
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Apr 13 2020 | ERBuilder for Salesforce Version 1.0

Main features:
  • Reverse engineer and visualize all Salesforce tables and relationships as an ER Diagram
  • View all details of any salesforce table (Columns, Validation rules, Keys, and Triggers)
  • Explore the Salesforce using the search feature that can be helpful to find any objects
  • Generate an HTML documentation for the Salesforce data model
  • Compare two instances of Salesforce and generate a comparison report
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