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I have been a user of AbstraLinx for a while now, and find it to be great for creating data models directly from an org. My clients like the look and feel of the documentation that can be generated - either as a data dictionary in HTML or CSV or as a series of interactive web pages. Jeff, Salesforce Solutions Architect at Creator Systems Ltd We as a team see the potential that AbstraLinx has to rapidly increase our efficiencies in data management and governance. Drew, Sales Enablement & Solutions CRM Associate Ease of use, automated end to end for deployment, documentation, great support, and ongoing enhancements to the product Phani - Principal IT Systems Architect It's a great tool for DBA. The detailed metadata viewer and the great reporting capability are great! The report will include picklist values. Also, the capability of generating SQL scripts to do some replica on SQL servers or other relational databases is very convenient. Li - Database Administrator

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Empower your team with a simple and powerful tool built to be used by Salesforce architects, administrators, developers, or business analysts while configuring and managing a Salesforce organization.


An Intelligent Way to Extract, Explore, and Document Salesforce Metadata

Easily extract, explore, and Document your Salesforce metadata with a powerful metadata discovery software

An automated solution for creating & maintaining a Salesforce data dictionary up to date

The AbstraLinx data dictionary gives administrators, analysts, and developers access to a list of all available objects and fields metadata in your organization, including custom objects and fields. AbstraLinx can assist you in understanding field creation and how it relates to your data.

Collaborate and work with your team members

Create, collaborate and share your Salesforce data model with your team members using the Git version control feature. Compare and display the differences between your local version of the data model and the remote version, then merge and refresh your model.

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