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Feb 01 2024 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 7.2.0
  • Added: Support for Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool
  • Added: Integrate Enum type in data generation for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB via mask or a dictionary.
  • Fixed: Resolved minor bugs to enhance overall software stability and performance.
Dec 11 2023 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 7.1.18
  • Fixed: Minor issues.
Oct 24 2023 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 7.1.9
  • Added: Integration of a powerful Advanced Metadata Query Assistant powered by ChatGPT API. It allows users to ask and receive answers in the form of reports and statistics from their data model.
  • Added: Support for Before and After scripts at both project and database table levels.
  • Added: Multilingual Generative AI Setup. Introduced a "language" field in the Generative AI setup windows that enables users to use generative AI in languages other than English.
  • Added: The ability to include user-defined metadata in the generated data dictionary.
  • Added: Introduced MS-Excel as an exporting format for the data dictionary. Users can now seamlessly export their data dictionary in MS-Excel format for enhanced compatibility and collaboration.
  • Fixed: Resolved minor bugs to enhance overall software stability and performance.
May 16 2023 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 7.0.15
  • Added: The ability to set a schema as a default schema for PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Improved: Improve the loading performance of the treeview for large data models.
  • Fixed: Minor issues.
Apr 18 2023 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 7.0.7
  • Added: Introducing generative AI for ER diagrams. A new ChatGPT AI-powered feature that allows automatically the generation of Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams from data model description, user stories, or requirements inputs.
  • Added: Using the generative AI feature to update an existing data model by auto-generating tables & relationships from descriptions, user stories, or requirements.
  • Added: AI-Powered description generation for Procedures, Views, and Triggers.
  • Added: A New auto-arrange method that makes it easy to arrange and organize tables in the diagram area which will simplify the visual presentation of your ER diagrams.
  • Added: The ability to create an SSH connection to a remote server using two authentication methods: password authentication and public key authentication.
  • Improved: General refresh, performance enhancements, and UI improvements.
  • Fixed: Minor issues.
Mar 06 2023 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 6.1.2
  • Added: ERBuilder now supports the ability to generate data model documentation to Confluence and Microsoft Word format.
  • Added: Support for Mariadb10, PostgreSQL14, and PostgreSQL15
  • Improved: General refresh, performance enhancements, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Dec 01 2022 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 6.0.8
  • Added: Generate documentation and data dictionaries reports using ERBuilder command line console
  • Added: Synchronize the database schema directly with the data model
  • Added: Choose which objects to include in the database/model or model/database synchronization process.
  • Added: Schedule the generation of documentation and data dictionaries
  • Added: Export and import multiple requirements (update existing ones) from a CSV file
  • Added: Ability to link a requirement with other requirements
  • Added: The objects design got enhanced by adding rounded corner, highlighted fields, new color styles, and others styling changes
  • Added: Adding two new relationships line styles to help you to handle the straight relationship line
  • Added: Relooking the text box and the group box design with rounded corner
  • Added: Apply the same color style to multiple objects
  • Added: Support for Oracle 19
  • Improved: General refresh, performance enhancements, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Aug 01 2022 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 5.1.2
  • Added: Ability to describe and document tables, columns, triggers, procedures, views, and constraints with custom metadata
  • Added: Incorporate a new license activation/deactivation method that is more flexible and easy to apply
  • Improved: General refresh, performance upgrades, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Dec 23 2021 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 5.0.1
  • Added: Git-based collaborative modeling
  • Added: Browse different versions of the model from the repository, merge and compare with the local model
  • Added: Requirements management: Ability to create and assign requirements to tables, columns, constraints, triggers, procedures and relationships
  • Added: Ability to update a data model with changes made to the database
  • Added: Resize and align multiple tables on the diagram area
  • Improved: Model documentation report
  • Improved: General refresh and performance upgrades
  • Fixed: Minor issues
Dec 01 2020 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version
  • Added: Show/Hide Relationships
  • Fixed: Minor issues.
  • Improved: large models enhancement
Sep 03 2020 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 4.0.0
  • Added: Data model browser
  • Added: Generate a customizable data dictionary of a model (HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, and MS-Excel)
  • Added: Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Fixed: minor issues
Apr 15 2020 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 3.4.1
  • Improved: reverse engineering feature optimized for large databases
  • Fixed: minor issues
Mar 10 2020 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 3.4.0
  • Added: Model/ database schema synchronization
  • Added: Multiple projects management
  • Added: Windows authentication method in MS SQL Server connection
  • Added: Add existing tables/relationship to a diagram from another one
  • Added: Copy/paste between different projects
  • Improved: Schema comparison treeview
  • Fixed: Long stored procedure (more than 100 lines) was represented in split sections
  • Fixed: Other minor issues
Nov 14 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 3.0.0
  • Added : Virtual data
  • Added : Test data generation
  • Added : Generate HTML templates (GUI from a data model)
  • Added : Switch to another target database
  • Added : Compare model to model
  • Added : Compare model to database
  • Added : Compare database to database
  • Added : Generate compare HTML report
  • Added : Split and merge relationship
  • Fixed : Export model as an image for large database models
  • Fixed : Column order
  • Fixed : SERIAL column as a FK
  • Fixed : Other minor issues
Sep 04 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 2.1.6
  • Added : Search and replace in schema
  • Added : Improvement of HTML documentation generation
  • Fixed : Reverse engineering Microsoft Azure SQL database (schema issue)
  • Fixed : Other minor issues
Jul 11 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 2.0.7
  • Fixed : Reverse engineering Redshift database (schema issue)
  • Fixed : Other minor issues
May 14 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 2.0.0
  • Added : IDEF1X, Crow's Foot, Codasyl and relation notations support
  • Added : support for Microsoft Azure SQL database and Amazon Redshift
  • Added : Ability to import /generate databases for Microsoft Azure SQL database, Amazon Redshift and SQilte
  • Added : Data manipulation
  • Added : Version management
  • Added : Advanced keys management
  • Added : Multiple diagrams
  • Added : Diagram sizing
  • Added : Global search and replace
  • Added : Model documentation settings
  • Added : SSL Secure connections for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed : zoom issues.
  • Fixed : preview issues.
Mar 19 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 1.3.0
  • Added: Support for Oracle 12 and Oracle 18 (DDL script only)
  • Added: Support for SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016 SQL Server 2017 (DDL script only)
Jan 03 2019 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 1.2.0
  • Added: Reverse and forward engineering for MySQL 8
  • Fixed: MySQL connection issues
Dec 24 2018 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 1.1.0
  • Added: Support for MySQL 8 and SQLite 3 (DDL script only)
  • Added: Support for Firebird 3, PostgreSQL 10 and PostgreSQL 11 (reverse and forward engineering)
  • Added: HTML report generation
  • Fixed: Refreshing the treeview after adding a new schema
  • Fixed: Caption and name disabled after entering an invalid name into schema
  • Fixed: Disabled fields after entering an invalid key name and post
  • Fixed: Many to many relationship undo/redo
  • Fixed: Incorrect information in the domain form
  • Fixed: Other issues
Oct 15 2018 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 1.0.0
  • Renaming the product ERBuilder
  • Added: Supporting schemas for PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Added: Connection to PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Database generation for PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Checking and dropping existing objects (tables, foreign keys, sequences, views, domains, triggers and stored procedures) before generating a PostgreSQL database
  • Added: Reverse engineering for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird
  • Added: Drag & Drop tables and relationships from treeviews into diagrams
  • Added : Unsigned, Zerofill in columns for MySQL
  • Added: user customizable GUI for the application (multiple themes and icons set)
  • And much more
Sep 02 2018 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.9
  • Fixed: Some issues
  • Added: Installer file packed in zip format
Mar 08 2018 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.8
  • Fixed: Error generated by checking the script preview in the entity after clearing a sequence used in columns (Firebird, Oracle)
  • Fixed: Duplicating an Entity may create a new entity out of the diagram after using zoom out.
  • Fixed: Duplicating an Entity with triggers generated from sequences not creating the script correctly
  • Fixed: Other issues with script preview in entity
  • Added: Undo/Redo (only two levels)
Feb 06 2018 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.7
  • Fixed: Inability to choose TIME(data type) (PostgreSQL)
  • Fixed: Inability to drop tables (with foreign keys) in MySQL when connected to the server
  • Fixed: Other issues
  • Added: View headers and Procedure headers
  • Added: Checkboxes to drop procedures and views if they exist (MySQL)
  • Added: Checking existing foreign keys and dropping them (MySQL)
  • Added: Option to apply sequence on columns (creating trigger for Firebird and Oracle , default value for PostgreSQL)
Dec 28 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.6
  • Fixed: Inability to generate the script after starting a new project in Oracle and Firebird
  • Fixed: Inability to create the script for domains in MS Sql Server
  • Fixed: Issues with entity fonts
  • Fixed: Inability to load column sizes in old projects
  • Fixed: Unsaved option choices
  • Fixed: Other issues
  • Added: Connection for MySQL to generate the script directly
Nov 30 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.5
  • Fixed: Duplicate an entity duplicating the key fields in the primary key
  • Fixed: Inability to add tables after changing the project name
  • Fixed: Editing a column primary key, duplicating the edited column in the keys tab when there are multiple keys
  • Fixed: Empty index fields and empty key fields if the fields are foreign keys and the relationship is deleted or the primary key is deleted
  • Fixed: SQL Syntax styler
  • Fixed: Foreign keys remaining undeleted from the treeview after deleting the parent table
  • Fixed: ER/Builder crashing when moving a relationship and using the right-click at the same time
  • Fixed: Other issues
  • Added: Ability to create a second relationship between two tables
Oct 26 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version
  • Fixed: Duplicate columns in key fields and index fields when there are multiple keys or multiple indexes
Oct 23 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.4
  • Fixed: Incorrect order when there are a multiple column primary keys in one table (in script)
  • Fixed: Changing the name and constraint name in the relationship generating an error
  • Fixed: Other issues
  • Added: Many to many relationship
  • Added: Checking if a duplicate constraint name exists
Oct 09 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.3
  • Fixed: Displaying problems in the preview
  • Fixed: Inability to add a column to an empty table
  • Fixed: Unsaved position of project frame in diagram
  • Added: Reaching an entity from treeview (right mouse click)
  • Added: Reaching a relationship from treeview (right mouse click)
Sep 26 2017 | ERBuilder Data Modeler | Version 0.8.2
  • Fixed: Errors generated by deactivating primary key
  • Fixed: Page number of A4 in diagram
  • Added: Stored procedures
  • Added: Views

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