SB Data Generator

SB Data Generator

Simple and powerful tool to generate and populate databases with realistic test data.

The fastest way to populate databases with meaningful test data

SB Data Generator is a simple and powerful tool to generate and populate selected tables or entire databases with realistic test data for your applications. SB Data Generator reverse your database and displays tables and columns so you can assign to them multiple data generators templates.

Understand your database by visualizing the data model (tables, columns, relationships, keys, sequences, indexes, and triggers)
Generate a large volumes of realistic test data within a couple of clicks
Preview what data will be generated before performing the generation
Multiple built-in generators available
Easy creation of custom data generators
Generate test data for: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLite, Azure SQL Database, Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS

SB Data Generator's intuitive GUI provides a simple way to visualize the data model to understand the schema before populating the database with test data.

Assign a data generator template for each column.

Before generating data to the database you can generate a preview of the data that will be generated. You can also manipulate these data by using the query tool.

Generate test data to the database in few clicks. You have the choice to generate from the virtual data (preview data) or directly from assigned data generators templates.