ERBuilder data modeler

ERBuilder Data Modeler allows developers to graphically design databases by using entity relationship diagrams and automatically generate the most popular SQL databases. It also allows developers to easily deploy databases by offering a sophisticated visual data modeling environment. The software reduces errors in databases development while improving productivity and simplifying data modeling. Developers can visualize physical models structures to understand their databases, create new tables, modify, analyze, and optimize the solution. ERBuilder provides all the features you expect of a professional database modeling and design tool. It is extremely easy to use and understand. Dedicated for beginners and experts database designers alike, it’s fairly simple to get familiar with.


ERBuilder Data modeler also allows:

  • Generation of physical data models
  • Managing an unlimited numbers of tables
  • Creation of entities, attributes, relationships, views, domains, indexes, sequences, Triggers and stored procedures
  • Generation of a Data Definition Language (DDL) script for Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and Firebird database engines
  • Reverse engineering database

Other key Features

  • DBMS-specific data models
  • Large model management
  • Visual data modeling
  • Model browser (treeview)
  • Model checking
  • Export model as an Image
  • Preview and print of model with printer setting

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