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Begin utilizing the Generative AI feature to smoothly incorporate artificial intelligence data modeling into our tools. Here's how to subscribe and pay for Generative AI keys:



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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision. Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent, flexible, and scalable to meet the needs of any team or organization.
1What is the Generative AI feature?
The Generative AI feature is an AI-powered feature allowing the generation of Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) from natural language input such as user stories, requirements, or just a brief description. Powered by the ChatGPT API, it can also generate descriptions for procedures, views, and triggers, which can be useful for documentation purposes.
2What is a Generative AI request?
A "Request" is the data that is sent to OpenAI's API in order to generate ER diagrams and describe procedures, triggers, and views. This request contains various types of information, including the source code of the procedures, views, and triggers, as well as user stories and requirements.
3How does the Generative AI feature work?
The Generative AI feature works by leveraging natural language processing capabilities powered by the ChatGPT API. Once activated with a purchased key, users can input user stories, requirements, or a brief description in natural language, and the Generative AI feature will process the input and automatically generate an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) based on the information provided.
It's worth noting that each purchased key for the Generative AI feature comes with a limited quota of requests. This means that users should be mindful of their usage to avoid exceeding their quota.
4How many Generative AI keys do I need for my team?
You only need one Generative AI key to be shared among your team members. This key can be used with multiple instances. For specific licensing information contact our support.
5How can I subscribe and pay for Generative AI keys?
You can buy Generative AI keys on our website by clicking on the "Buy" buttons in the pricing section at the top.
6What payment methods are accepted for Generative AI key purchases?
Our website utilizes MyCommerce as the payment gateway, which accepts credit cards, PayPal, and checks. Upon purchasing Generative AI keys, you will receive your key via email. If you prefer to use a different payment method, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
7How long is a Generative AI key valid for?
A Generative AI key is typically valid for one month, or until the quota associated with the key is exceeded.
If the quota has been exceeded before the end of the month, the key will no longer be valid until you renew your key subscription or purchase another requests' quota. It's important to monitor your usage of the key on our tools to ensure that you don't exceed your quota.
8Can I purchase additional Generative AI keys if I need more capacity?
Yes, you can purchase additional Generative AI keys if you need more capacity than what your current key provides. When your current key expires, you can purchase a new key with a higher capacity to increase the amount of content you can generate.
9Can I cancel my Generative AI key subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your Generative AI key subscription at any time by cancelling the auto-renewal on the Mycommerce platform. This means that your subscription will not renew at the end of the current billing cycle and your access to the Generative AI key will expire. It's important to note that cancelling your subscription does not provide a refund for any unused portion of the current billing cycle.
10How does Softbuilder protect user data inputs when using the generative AI feature?
Our tools send user inputs, such as user stories, triggers, stored procedures, and views source code, to OpenAI servers via HTTPS. We do not retain any of this data, and the user's intellectual property is respected. Users can refer to OpenAI's Data Usage Policies for more information on how their data is handled.

Important notes

* You can purchase our product with MyCommerce. This payment gateway accepts Credit Cards, Paypal and Check. By purchasing Generative AI keys you will receive your key via email. After the expiration of the key you have to purchase a new key to continue using the generetive Ai features.

If you wish to order by bank wire transfer, please send us an email with your full name, country and company name, if any. We will respond you with the appropriate instructions to order a Generative AI key by bank wire transfer.

You can also place an order with one of our resellers.

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05 - 09 10% Off
10 - 19 15% Off
20+ 20% Off

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