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ERBuilder for Salesforce

Access, explore and understand your Salesforce metadata


Easily Reverse-Engineer, Explore, and Document
Your Salesforce Metadata

Empower your team with a simple and powerful tool built to be used by Salesforce architects, administrators, developers, or consultants while configuring and managing a Salesforce organization.

Some of our clients

A powerful metadata discovery software for Salesforce

Discover Salesforce metadata for your Metadata Management, master data management and data governance projects

Document your Salesforce organization

Expose Salesforce metadata to profiles that don't have Salesforce licenses

Detect easily metadata differences between your Salesforce organizations

Key Features

Explore the Salesforce data model

ERBuilder for Salesforce allows you to explore any table in the Salesforce system including custom table and display its parents, children, or both in an intuitive interface. It is also easy to see all the relationships between the table you explore and one of its parents or children tables.

ERBuilder for Salesforce provides an advanced search feature that can be used to help find any objects in the Salesforce data model.

View all details of any Salesforce objects

Display full details about any Salesforce objects to see its columns, validation rules, keys and triggers.

Conversion from Salesforce to other target DBMS

An easy way for converting your Salesforce organization to other target DBMS. Quickly generate DDL scripts for the target DBMS.

Compare two Salesforce organization

Compare and find differences between two Salesforce organization in order to maintain the documentation that describes the changes made to Salesforce. You can also generate an HTML comparison report.

  • Comparison report fot two Salesforce instances

Other Features

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