Rebranding Announcement: ERBuilder for Salesforce becomes AbstraLinx

May 10th, 2022,


Our team at Softbuilder is very excited to share that as of May 2022, we are rebranding our product ERBuilder for Salesforce with a new product name, logo, and an updated website experience. New features and improvements are also made in this new product release.

Why has ERBuilder for Salesforce Rebranded?

We are rebranding the product name and logo as part of our rebranding strategy. This step’s major idea is to strengthen the growth and commitments of the product by helping our customers identify with our brand in the marketplace.

So what’s changed?

Actually, not much, the approach to developing the tool remains, but with new features and improvements made to this new version of the product.

Here's what's new in AbstraLinx:

  • Renaming the product from ERBuilder for Salesforce to AbstraLinx
  • Added: Ability to describe and document Salesforce objects, fields, triggers, and Apex classes with custom metadata
  • Added: Incorporate a new license activation method that is more flexible and easy to apply
  • Added: Import the following fields metadata: data sensitivity level, data owner, field usage, compliance categorization, help Text, picklist values
  • Added: Import the following Apex classes/Triggers metadata: namespace prefix, status, API version
  • Added: Import the following Validation rules metadata: Active, Error message, Error location
  • Added: Import the Salesforce objects description
  • Added: For more security, the password is no longer stored on the workstation, it will only be requested when AbstraLinx needs access to extract metadata, compare two orgs or update the model from the Salesforce org
  • Added: The token, client id, and secret id are encrypted on the configuration file
  • Improved: General refresh, performance upgrades, and UI improvements
  • Fixed: Mouse scrolling in the diagramming area + Undo/Redo
  • Fixed: Minor issues

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